Monday, September 24, 2012

Super Saturday 2012

Our Super Saturday this year is going to be awesome!!
A full day of crafts, friends, laughs and lunch will be held November 10th.

All money needs to be turned in to Jocylyn no later than October 1st.
We will not accept any late payments so don't ask ☺

Here is the craft line-up for this year:

Vertical Family Board $23
Vinyl color choices: dark red (shown), red, taupe or yellow

Good reminders of what help make a happy family.  Black paint will be provided, if you desire other colors, please bring your own.  You can choose the color of vinyl for the word “Family” and your own name and date established only.  Color choices are red, ivory, white, turquoise, and light yellow.  All the other words will be in the color shown.  Please call Jocylyn with any questions. 


Welcome Post $21

This is a decorative wood post that can be displayed indoors or outdoors.  The craft shown is the one we will be making, but you could add your own accessories to decorate for different holidays etc.  We also may be making more signs to add to it at other future enrichment activities.  Black paint will be provided and the ribbon will be similar to the one shown.  If you want other colors of paint or ribbon, you will need to bring your own.  Please contact Jessica C. with any questions.  


Turkey $18

This turkey has scrapbook paper mod podged onto the feathers.  Actual paper may vary depending on what we are able to get at this time.  Please call Jessica C. with any questions.

 Christmas Advent Calendar $17
Such a fun way to count down to Christmas!  The ribbon and paper may vary from the one shown.  All the paper will already be cut out for you!  Please call Jocylyn with any questions. 


Snowman Door Hanger $15

Everything to make this cute door hanger will be provided for you.  Please keep in mind that the fabric and other accessories will vary.  Please call Tarea if you have any questions.


Slider Frame $15
Vinyl Color Choices: dark red(shown), red, ivory, white, yellow, lime green, hot pink, or blue

This is a great way to display family photos.  Just paint it, put your vinyl on, and you’re done!  Black paint will be provided so if you want other colors, please bring your own.  You may choose the color of your vinyl.  Please call Tarea with any questions.


Pumpkins, Set of Two $15
These cute pumpkins can stay out all through the Fall season.  Ribbon may vary from one shown.  Please call Jocylyn with any questions.


Holiday Photo Box $14

This is a print with “Subway Art” mod podged onto a photo box. Please choose which picture you want to put on your box.  Only one picture per project.  Please call Tarea with any questions.


Home Blocks $13

This is a project using vinyl with a 5x7 family picture mod podged onto one of the blocks.  Black paint will be provided so if you want other colors please bring your own.  You will also need to bring with you a 5x7 picture.  Please call Jocylyn with any questions.  


2x4 Stacked Snowman $12 

 An adorable way to decorate for the winter season.  This is made out of different sizes of 2x4’s.  It is just painted, glued, and accessorized!  Fabric for the scarf and the buttons will vary.  Please call Jaylene with any questions. 


Joy to the World $10

This would be a great gift to give at Christmas.  There is scrapbook paper mod podged onto the wood and then vinyl put on top.  Easy and cute!  Please call Jocylyn with any questions.  


Family Home Evening Kits $5/set
Each set includes 5 FHEs.

There are two different kits being offered.  You can choose one or both of them.  Each kit will contain 1 black and white master copy, and 1 copy on cardstock.  You will be in charge of coloring and laminating your own kit.  The Holiday Kit is $5 & contains FHE lessons for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Word of Wisdom, Prophets, & Conference Bingo.  The Character Kit is $5 & contains responsibility, friendship, contention, self-esteem, and what makes a happy home.  Please call Jessica C. with any questions. 

Sister Karen Finch of Finch Family Games has been very generous and allowed us to include 3 of her adorable Family Home Evening kits in these sets.  She has more FHE ideas available in black & white or already colored on her site for $1.


Hairbows!  $2-single bow, $4-set of two, $5-headband

For this project you can make a hairbow for $2, a set for $4, or a headband for $5.  Please call Ashley with any questions. Materials may vary. 

 A close-up of the headband

Subway Art 8x10 prints $2/each 

For this project you are ordering the prints ONLY.  Each print costs $2.  You must provide your own 8x10 frame.  Choose from prints shown.  Please call Tarea with any questions. 

We are also fortunate to have some projects available from our Preparedness Committee.

Survival Candle
8oz - $1.50, 16 oz-$2.50, 32oz - $4.50

You can make your own survival candles using soy wax.  Soy is a high quality and long burning wax.  An 8 oz. candle will burn 40-50 hours. 

We will melt the wax down and fill your jar.
Please contact Jennifer M. with questions.  


Emergency Washer $11

Simply made from a tall pail with a lid and toilet plunger. We will drill a hole into the top of the lid for you. Please contact Jennifer M. with questions.

This book has a lot of great info to help you in many different emergency situations.
Please contact Jennifer M. with questions.